Children’s Church

Reopening Procedures

  • Check-In
  • ● Check-In tablets will be manned by a Faithworks team
    member starting 30 minutes prior to the service. Team
    Members will check-in children, parents will take the
    tags from the printer to place on their child.

    ● All Parents and children will be temperature checked
    before entering the Faithworks area. All temperature
    checks will be conducted with a contactless

    ● Only one parent will be allowed in the Faithworks area
    for drop off.

    ● Sick children/adults will not be allowed in the Faithworks area.

  • Check-Out
  • ● One designated parent will be allowed
    in the Faithworks area for pick up.

    ● There will be markers placed on the
    the ground in the Faithworks area to help
    promote safe social distancing.

  • Cleaning
  • ● A “COVID Cleaning Solution” will be
    provided to each Faithworks Classroom,
    The team will wipe down all chairs,
    countertops, door handles, bathrooms,
    and all hard surfaces after every service.
  • During Service
  • ● The service order will be designed with kids staying in
    their seats. Kids are expected to stay at their seats for
    games, worship, and all other interactive parts of the

    ● Children will be encouraged to stay an arm’s length
    away from friends.

  • Extra Precautions
  • ● Children are encouraged to give a thumbs up to friends instead of high fives and hugs!

    ● Parents, Dream Team, or any Adult should not use the Children’s bathrooms.

    ● A designated Team Member will wipe down all hard surfaces after each time the bathroom is used. We
    will tell Children the bathrooms are for emergencies only!

Faithworks FAQ’s

Faithwork is BACK! Well, actually, we never went anywhere. We’ve been here all along praying

for you, preparing for the return to our physical spaces and providing great online experiences

for your kids.

  • What Will Church Look Like for Faithworks?

    Our number one commitment to you and your child is SAFETY. Safety is our priority. Church

    will look a little different, but that’s because we want you to know we take your child’s safety

    seriously. From check-in, to space in our classrooms, we’ve gone above and beyond to give

    your children the best Faithworks experience while upholding high cleanliness standards.

  • What Happens When I Arrive?

    Faithworks will be providing a completely touch-free check-in experience. When you enter the

    building, our Check-In team will be available to assist you. You’ll place the check-in stickers on

    the backs of your children. Faithworks kids (1st-6th grade) will enter the Children’s Chapel and

    be assigned a sanitized seat for the entire service. You can walk your Faith Factory kids (3

    years to kindergarten) into their age-appropriate classroom, contact-free and safe.

  • Will There Still Be an Online Experience For Kids?

    Yes, we will continue to provide a great experience online at 1pm for our kids and families who

    don’t feel quite ready to attend a service in person. We will continue with Tuesday Talk at 3pm


  • What Precautions Are Taking Place?

    We are strongly discouraging anyone who has been sick or exposed to sick people or

    experiencing symptoms of sickness from attending a physical gathering until it’s safe for them

    to do so. In fact, we will be taking the temperature of anyone entering the children’s

    environments. If a temperature exceeds 100.4 we will not be able to accept the child or anyone

    from that family for the protection of those in attendance.

    The entire church will be professionally cleaned and disinfected this week. During our service,

    we will have attendants cleaning all restrooms and high-traffic areas after each use.

    Our kid’s spaces will be filled at a reduced capacity. Rows of chairs will be more spaced apart,

    and there will be an empty chair left between kids to maintain safe distancing. We’ll dismiss your

    child one-by-one by name to avoid a mass-gathering of families by the exits. Our Faithworks

    (1st-6th grade) services will be entirely “contact-free.” Your kids can potentially come in and

    leave without touching a single person or object! Toys in Faith Factory (3 years to kindergarten)

    will be heavily sanitized between each service. We are strongly encouraging vulnerable people

    and those with underlying health conditions to continue joining us for church online only at this

    time. If you’re not ready to gather together in person, or if you are high risk, we have our

    services and Faithworks services live online on our website, Facebook Live, and YouTube.